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Families Are Special - Fee Schedule

Home Study Application Fee (Nonrefundable)                                        $ 50.00

Domestic Adoption Home Study                                                               $ 1000.00
Includes office visit, home visit, and written report but not travel expenses.

Update of FASI Home Study                                                                       $450.00

Includes office visit, home visit, and written report but not travel expenses.

Update of Non-FASI Home Study                                                               $650.00
Includes office visit, home visit, and written report but not travel expenses.      

Home Study Addendum - Does not include any travel expenses.         $200.00

Post Placement Supervision Visit and Report
(Includes home visit with report but not travel expense)                        $ 275.00

Travel Expense for Home visit, Post placement visit or update visit                                                                                         $ .50 per mile round trip

State Police Records Checks                                                                    $25.00 each These are required for each permanent household member 18 years or older

FBI Fingerprints Checks
Required for each household member 18 years or older                       $16.50 each

Central Registry of Child Mal Treatment Checks 
These are required of all household members 10 years or older          $10.00 each

Make all checks payable to Families Are Special, Inc. for State Police Checks, Central Registry Checks and FBI Fingerprint Checks.

You will also be responsible for any costs for shipping of reports; i.e. priority mail, or Federal Express.

Fees for Foster to Adopt

When a Foster-To-Adopt is undertaken, the home must be approved for adoption and foster care, since the sending state will require the approved prospective adoptive parents to serve as foster parents for the child or sibling group for the first six months of care.  Prior to finalization; therefore, if this is known at the beginning, both studies can be prepared at the same time at no extra cost.  When this can be done concurrently FASI will charge the family $300 for the Foster Study for approval in addition to the cost of the preparation of the Adoption Home study.  If this isn’t done concurrently, the cost of the Foster Home Study will be $450 plus travel costs.

Parent training for Domestic Adoption required for any adoption from U.S. Foster Care.  This involves 4 hours in-person training with our FASI Parent Trainer and 6 hours on line with Foster Parent College. Cost is $60 to FP College and $175 to FASI.

Refund Policy:

Costs for services provided prior to withdrawal are not refundable nor will any refunds be made after the family receives a draft of the Home Study for review.   


Effective: 8/2016


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